Kurume Bethel Christ Church


Kurume Bethel Christ Church (KBCC)

Missionaries George & Mary FRAZIER, who were sent by Bethel Temple in Seattle, Washington, USA, arrived in Japan in 1962. At Kokubu-machi, Kurume City, Fukuoka prefecture, they dismantled two quonset huts that they got from a U. S. military base, and used the materials to build the church. This was the beginning of their missionary life in Japan. In 1969, they constructed a new church building.  In 1974, Pastor Frazier retired and Aritoshi & Takako YOSHIDA were ordained as new pastors.

In 2000 a larger piece of property at Kamitsu-machi was purchased where a new church building offering more space for growth was constructed. In 2007, Yukari KUDO, Issei & Nozomi (Okubo) YOSHIDA were ordained and in 2010 when Pastors Aritoshi & Takako YOSHIDA retired, the three became the  church’s new pastors. Together with five deacons, they are at present pastoring this very unique Japanese-Filipino church.

Pastors:Yukari KUDO, Issei & Nozomi YOSHIDA

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