Kurume Bethel Christ Church


Kurume Bethel Christ Church (KBCC)

In 1962, Missionaries George and Mary Frazer, who were sent by Bethel Temple in Seattle city in Washington USA, arrived in Japan. At Kokubu machi, Kurume city, Fukuoka prefecture, they dismantled a 2 quonset huts that they got from the US military base, and used the materials to build a church. This was the beginning of their missionary life in Japan. In 1969, they constructed a new church building.  In 1974, Pstr. George Frazer retired and Aritoshi Yoshida was ordained as the new pastor.

Year 2000, in a bigger land at Kamitsu machi, Kurume city, a place where the church children can grow & play joyfully, a new church building was constructed. In 2007, Yukari Kudo, Issei Yoshida & Nozomi Okubo were ordained as pastors In 2010, Pstr. Aritoshi Yoshida retired & the three became the  church’s new  pastors. Together with five deacons, they are at present pastoring this very unique, Japanese-Filipino church.

Pastors:Yukari Kodo, Yoshida Issei, Yoshida Nozomi