Miyanoura Christ Church

(Kagoshima Pref., Yakushima) Miyanoura Christ Church (MCC) ―

Being an island of World Natural Heritage, many tourists visit Yakushima every year. Miyanoura Christ Church is a monolithic church that was started about 50 years ago by missionaries from the United States. Since then and until today, the church has been doing missionary work. Please feel free to visit us when you come to Yakushima.

(Yakushima) Miyanoura Christ Church History

In 1970, the church became a recognized religious corporation. Former MCC pastor Akifumi HIDAKA often said of the church, “I think the church is the only relay station on the earth that introduces the kingdom of God.” Pastor HIDAKA passed away on March 4, 2020.

MCC’s Sister Church Connections

Since 2020, we have become a sister church of the Japan Bethel Mission. Japan Bethel Mission (JBM) is a group of churches belonging to the flow of “Bethel Temple” in Seattle, USA. Besides Yakushima’s Miyanoura Christ Church, currently there are four other churches that comprise JBM:

(in Tokyo, Fussa City), Fussa Christ Church

(in Iwate Pref., Rikuzen Takata City), Rikuzen Takata Christ Church

(in Fukuoka Pref.), Kurume City), Kurume Bethel Christ Church

(in Fukuoka Pref., Munakata City), Munakata Bethel Christian Center

The above listed churches all belong to the Japan Bethel Mission and are expanding their mission toward Japan’s awakening and revival, while continuing the fellowship and support of various churches.

Presider-Preacher Etsuko KURISAKI