Fussa Bethel Church


Fussa Bethel Church

Fussa Bethel Church was founded by a missionary pastor from Washington State, USA named Ruth Kyllonen. We were established nearby the Yokota U. S. Air Base as a pioneer church on April 17, 1955. Our early work started by consoling & encouraging American soldiers. Japanese youth gradually gathered around these American soldiers and eventually afterward, we became a church for Japanese people. Pastors of the Fussa Bethel Church over the years since its origin have been Pastors John & Elsie BENTON, Pastor Alfred, Pastor Wilder, Pastors Clyde & Yvonne BADE, and later on Pastors Yoshio & Noriko TSUZAKA.  Though Fussa Bethel Church is a Japanese church, we are also joined by foreigners in our contemporary worship service. We have small groups of new generation whose priority is the caring of the church,  and through various ministries, we reach out to the people in our neighboring communities.

Pastors: Yoshio & Noriko TSUZAKA

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