JBM Leadership

JBM Representative:  Pastors TSUZAKA Yoshio & Noriko (Fussa Bethel Christ Church)

We, the Japan Bethel Mission, are a group of churches that were founded by missionaries who were sent out from Bethel Temple in Seattle, WA, USA. From between 1914 to 2004, Seattle’s Bethel Temple has sent 75 missionary-pastors to 25 different nations all over the world.

In 1950, Bethel Temple sent Mary Taylor as a missionary worker to Tokyo, Japan. She founded a church there.  Pastors Tamekichi & Emiko Morita  both came from this church and soon after were sent to Rikuzen Takada City in Iwate Prefecture to pioneer the Rikuzen Takada Christ Church.

In 1952,  Bethel Temple sent another missionary, Ruth Kyllonen to Fussa City in the Tokyo area. Kyllonen founded the Fussa Bethel Christ Church.

In 1962, missionary-pastors George & Marybeth Frazier were sent to Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture where they founded the Kurume Bethel Christ Church.

In 1982, missionary-pastors Nils & Andrea Olson were sent to Munakata City in the northern part of Fukuoka Prefecture, where they pioneered Munakata Bethel Christian Center.

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