Munakata Bethel Christian Center


Munakata Bethel Christian Center (MBCC)

On September, 1982 at Munakata City, Fukuoka prefecture, the Holy Spirit lead us to start
praying. By 1992, the people, who are now at present the pillars of our church, were led to salvation. From that time on till now,  we continue to teach & practice the message of salvation, water baptism, baptism in the Holy Spirit, worship, tithes, & the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Our conviction is that God’s Word are true and through the power of the working of the Holy Spirit, we are comforted & build up. MBCC is used not only for Sunday worship services, but currently, we also hold Bible studies, marriage/funeral ceremonies, & group gatherings like concerts, English classes, bazaars etc.

Pastors Nils and Andrea Olson